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Local internet service provider joins the Idaho Falls Fiber Network

June 28, 2022

IDAHO FALLS – Idaho Falls Fiber is excited to announce the addition of another service provider on Idaho’s largest, open-access fiber network.

FyberCom will offer 250 Mbps and one-gigabit internet service at $34.89 and $39.89 a month respectively. Service with FyberCom is now available to residential and business customers. Customers can learn more about FyberCom’s service and the Idaho Falls Fiber Network at or on their website at

 “We are thrilled to welcome FyberCom, which is a great locally owned and operated ISP, to our network,” said Idaho Falls Fiber General Manager Bear Prairie said. “This addition of our sixth provider upholds our customer promise to operate a community-owned, open-access network that provides quality and affordable high-speed broadband service.”

Since 2019, Idaho Falls Fiber has installed infrastructure to or passed by more than 12,000 homes within the City of Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls Fiber expects to have the network completed by the end of 2024 to every city resident. 

“When we began expanding the Idaho Falls Fiber Network a few years ago, we did it with the goal of providing affordable high-speed broadband access to every corner of the community,” said Prairie. “This kind of public-private partnership benefits everyone, regardless of economic standing, to keep connected to an increasingly digital world.”

Idaho Falls Power and Idaho Falls Fiber Crews install the fiber optic lines either on existing overhead power lines, in existing underground conduit, or in new conduit as homes are constructed. The Idaho Falls Fiber network is superior because the utility does not “daisy chain” homes together on one fiber line; rather, each home on the network receives its very own, dedicated fiber optic line.

FyberCom is a local company that was founded in 2013. They pride themselves on being East Idaho’s Fastest growing Internet Service Provider, with the fastest symmetrical, low latency network in the area. FyberCom connects with a 100gig circuit to the Idaho Falls Fiber Network, the largest available circuit to connect to these kinds of networks. This makes it possible to offer low subscription rates, which in turn provides a superior customer experience. FyberCom has been awarded several local and national awards for their customer service, network and growth. 

“We are honored to offer our legendary service on the IF Fiber Network,” said Jared Stowell, CEO of FyberCom. “As a local company which launched nearly a decade ago, we have focused on providing the absolute fastest, low latent, premier internet, and customer service to the state of Idaho. Joining the Idaho Falls Fiber Network will allow us to expand this service to everyone in the City of Idaho Falls.” 

Residents who connect to the Idaho Falls Fiber network pay a monthly $25 charge on their utility bill for the fiber infrastructure and a monthly provider charge to the service provider they select to provide their fiber service. Total costs of cutting-edge, high-speed services vary between $59 and $100 per month, based on the speed and provider customers select. 

For more information on the network and future expansion areas, visit or stop by Idaho Falls Fiber’s office at 140 S. Capital in Idaho Falls. Customers interested in connecting to the fiber optic network can submit their request online.