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How Fiber Works


Idaho Falls Power is a "not-for-profit" utility owned by our customers and residents of Idaho Falls. We already own utility poles, utility easements, underground conduit, and hundreds of miles of existing fiber that is used to provide the backbone connectivity for a communitywide fiber optic service with the Idaho Falls Fiber Network. Because of this existing infrastructure, we can build the network for far less than what it would cost others.

Idaho Falls Power owns and operates Idaho Falls Fiber because the fiber network is an integral part of our electric system. Not only does the network provide high-speed broadband, but it also provides Idaho Falls Power the ability to do outage detection and management, meter reading, offer demand management programs, residential energy efficiency programs, and so much more…

Fiber optic cables utilizes thin strands of glass (one-tenth the width of a human hair) and pulses of light to transfer information. It's the fastest communication technology available. Traditional internet networks (cable and DSL) operate on copper wire infrastructure. The copper infrastructure limits the speed and amount of information that can be transferred, making social media, streaming video, networked gaming, and other services aggravatingly slow.

Idaho Falls Fiber solves this problem with blazing fast internet to homes and businesses. With Idaho Falls Fiber, you get more speed for less.


Idaho Falls Fiber recognizes businesses and residents need high-speed connections to keep up in today's fast paced world. Fiber is considered future proof because it doesn't degrade over time. Consumers will need to updgrade their electronics long before the fiber network needs an upgrade. This allows Idaho Falls Fiber, and its customers, to integrate new technologies as they become available. The result is a community connected and prepared for a future where fast internet is a necessity.

photo of fiber wires