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Idaho Falls Fiber is owned and operated by Idaho Falls Power. Idaho Falls Power and Idaho Falls Fiber are not-for-profit entities. That means the broadband network is community-owned and operated to benefit the community. 

Idaho Falls Power and Idaho Falls Fiber started laying the groundwork for a fiber optic network in 2002. It started as a way to upgrade to the City’s communication infrastructure, while keeping costs low. By 2006, the City established public-private partnerships with local internet service providers and began commercially leasing dark fiber to providers. This endeavor's success has provided connectivity to more than 500 Idaho Falls businesses!

Now, through a continued public-private partnership, Idaho Falls Fiber is offering residential fiber. The residential fiber program started in 2019 and will take four to five years to complete. Delivering high-speed internet to Idaho Falls businesses and residents will ensure our community stays connected and up to date as new technology becomes available.

The expansion of the Fiber Network is essential for developing and modernizing the Electrical Grid to continue delivering reliable, secure, economical and sustainable electricity to Idaho Falls customers. Such benefits include the increased use of digital information and technology, real-time information regarding outages, and the development and implementation of energy-efficiency resources. Not to mention, customers will have the ability to integrate more ‘smart’ appliances, technology and consumer devices to manage their electric consumption.

The expansion of the Fiber Network brings Idaho Falls Fiber together with the private business sector through partnerships. Idaho Falls Fiber manages and maintains the infrastructure – something they do best. While the private business sector provides the actual broadband service to customers – something they do best.