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Idaho Falls Fiber Welcomes ConnectFast to the State’s Largest, Open-Access Fiber Network.

November 05, 2021

(Idaho Falls, ID) -- Idaho Falls Fiber is excited to announce that they are expanding their service provider network, adding even more low-cost internet choices for customers on Idaho’s largest, open-access fiber network.

ConnectFast will offer 1 gigabyte internet service for $39.95 a month to residential fiber optic customers beginning November 5,, 2021. Customers can learn more about ConnectFast’s service and the Idaho Falls Fiber Network at 

“We’re excited to welcome ConnectFast to the fast-growing Idaho Falls Fiber Network,” Idaho Falls Fiber General Manager Bear Prairie said. “The addition of ConnectFast marks another milestone for the community’s network. We’re holding true to our customer promise to operate a community owned, open-access network that provides provide quality and affordable highspeed broadband service.”  

The Idaho Falls Fiber Network is the largest, open-access fiber optic network in the state. Since 2019, Idaho Falls Fiber has installed fiber infrastructure to, or “passed by,” more than 10,000 homes in the Idaho Falls Fiber area. The utility expects to have the network completely built out to the entire city by the end of 2024.  

“The network’s expansion and growth over the past two years as been phenomenal,” Prairie said. “It’s a testament to our product and the community’s desire to have access to the world’s best broadband technology.”

Idaho Falls Power and Idaho Falls Fiber Crews install the fiber optic lines either on existing overheard power lines, in existing underground conduit, or in new conduit as it is installedOriginal - logo as new homes are homes are built. The Idaho Falls Fiber model is unique because the utility does not “daisy chain” homes together on one fiber connection; rather, each home on the Idaho Falls Fiber network receives its own individual, dedicated fiber connection.

With the addition of ConnectFast, customers now have the option of five different internet service providers who offer a variety of services and pricing. The network surpassed its 1000th customer connection in December 2020 and its 2500th customer connection in October 2021.  

”ConnectFast leverages Syringa Networks Advanced Global Internet Network and our stout edge cache server infrastructure to deliver a far superior Internet experience,” said Gabe Gomez, General Manager of ConnectFast. “We provide quality Internet access at a disruptively low price with no contracts or data caps. Having no contracts means to retain our customer base, we must perform. ConnectFast is excited to join as an ISP on Idaho Falls Fiber Network and look forward to serving the residents of Idaho Falls with a very affordable and high-quality Internet alternative.”  

Residents who connect to the Idaho Falls Fiber network pay a monthly $25 charge on their utility bill for the fiber infrastructure, in addition to a monthly provider charge to the service provider they select to provide their fiber service. Total costs of cutting-edge, high-speed services vary between $59 and $100 per month, based on the type of speed and provider customers select. 

For more information on the network and the areas of future expansion, community residents can visit or stop by Idaho Falls Fiber’s office at 140 S. Capital in Idaho Falls. Customers interested in connecting to the fiber optic network can submit their request online.