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What is the Idaho Falls Fiber Network? Idaho Falls Fiber is a fiber optic infrastructure owned by Idaho Falls Power. Since 2002, Idaho Falls Fiber has provided the infrastructure that allows local businesses to have access to the fastest internet possible. In 2019, Idaho Falls Fiber started expanding its network, so local residents could take advantage of high-speed internet in their homes. By using existing utility infrastructure, Idaho Falls Fiber is building the fiber optic framework to deliver the bandwidth businesses and residents need to keep up in the information age.

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What is involved in the install?

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After you sign up for high-speed internet, you will receive an email from Idaho Falls Fiber to schedule the installation though our online schedulinhg systerm. We will determine if you need an underground or overhead installation. Typically, the fiber line follows the same path as your power line. 

For underground installations, our technicians perform a free site survey to determine where the fiber line runs on your property. Before the installation, a crew will mark the underground utilities and locate the best path for the fiber connection.

For overhead installations, our technicians perform a free site survey to determine where the fiber will run. A technician will pull the fiber line from the power pole into your home. Typically, the fiber line enters your home where the power attaches.

Once the fiber line is in your home, crews install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box. When the ONT is connected, our technician runs a speed test to ensure your new fiber service is delivering blazing fast internet. You will be connected before the crew leaves your home.

NOTE: Idaho Falls Fiber does not provide routers. If you want Wi-Fi throughout your home, you will need to purchase your router. Typically, you will want to purchase a router that can handle up to one gigabit.

After the installation, our crews fix any damage that may have occurred. 

NOTE: If you rent your home, landlord approval is required to install the fiber optic box. You can find a landlord approval form here. Once completed, email the form to iffibersignups@idahofalls.gov. If you are in a rental home and do not have landlord consent, we will not be able to complete your install.