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Information for Potential Business Internet Service Providers

Idaho Falls Fiber is a community owned fiber optic network. This network was constructed and created for residents and businesses in the City of Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls Fiber is an open access network and the largest of its kind in Idaho! For an open access network to be successful, it requires a strong public-private partnership between the network owner and internet service providers (ISPs). We currently have six ISPs that deliver services on the network.

A successful open access network requires that the ISPs are successful in their delivery of services to connected customers. To facilitate and best enable ISP success, we must balance customer choices and competition without oversaturating ISP options. Oversaturation leads to poor customer service due to providers not achieving proper economies of scale to provide customer facing support and systems.

Idaho Falls Fiber continues to assess network needs and ISP expansion as the network grows in customer counts and service options. Currently we operate in a manner that meets all these objectives and are not actively looking for additional ISPs at this time. Each year, we assess whether to expand ISP offerings, and we evaluate applications from potential ISPs that inquire about joining the network. We encourage ISPs to submit an application, listed below, should an ISP have interest in being evaluated during an ISP expansion opportunity. A formal process to review applications is in place to ensure the ISP can meet the needs of our customers and provide additional value or services that are not currently offered. If you have further questions about being a provider on the network, please feel free to contact Jace Yancey at