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What is the Idaho Falls Fiber Network? Idaho Falls Fiber is a fiber optic infrastructure owned by Idaho Falls Power. Since 2002, Idaho Falls Fiber has provided the infrastructure that allows local businesses to have access to the fastest internet possible. In 2019, Idaho Falls Fiber started expanding its network, so local residents could take advantage of high-speed internet in their homes. By using existing utility infrastructure, Idaho Falls Fiber is building the fiber optic framework to deliver the bandwidth businesses and residents need to keep up in the information age.

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What makes fiber so much better?

Fiber optic cable is a thin strand of glass that transmits data at the speed of light, making it the fastest internet connection available. Idaho Falls Fiber offers transfer speeds up to one gigabit down AND up. It's a dedicated line to your home, so there's no sharing to slow it down like with copper cable internet. With Idaho Falls Fiber, there are no data limits, just pure speed.

The speed and reliability of fiber optic internet makes your home ready for:

  • Multiple wireless devices
  • Telecommuting and home businesses
  • Streaming entertainment (Watch a video to learn more)
  • Interactive gaming
  • Online education
  • Remote data storage and retrieval
  • Whole home automation
  • Security
  • Virtual reality

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