Idaho Falls Fiber (IFF) has partnered with four Internet Providers to offer fiber Internet service to residential pilot participants. When you sign-up for IFF, you will be asked to select one of the four Internet Providers.  You may choose from the following providers:  Direct Communications, QWK net, Silver Star, and Sumo.  Because you must select a provider during the sign-up process, we encourage you to become familiar with the individual providers prior to signing-up for service. Links to each provider are located below, just click on their logo and start researching service options.  You do NOT have to contact the provider directly, as the set-up of your selected provider will be integrated with the infrastructure work. When you sign-up for fiber, IFF will contact your provider and establish service on your behalf.

Direct Communications
Silver Star Communications
Sumo Fiber Internet and Phone
Pricing for Internet, Phone and Video Service